Beacon Historical Society

The Beacon Historical Society is a non-profit organization that can be found at 61 Leonard Street in Beacon, New York 12508. The society’s mission is to preserve and understand the history of Beacon and the surrounding Hudson Valley region. Check this out

The Beacon Historical Society houses a museum with a range of exhibits and artifacts depicting the Beacon community’s history. A collection of 19th-century furnishings, clothing, and domestic objects, as well as papers, photographs, and other historical materials, are included in these exhibits. The museum also features a number of interactive displays and hands-on activities that allow visitors to learn about the Beacon community’s history in a more immersive and participatory manner.

The Beacon Historical Society, in addition to its museum, provides a range of public activities and events, such as educational workshops, lectures, and guided tours. These activities are intended to provide visitors a better understanding of the history of Beacon and the Hudson Valley region. Next blog post

The Beacon Historical Society is an important aspect of the Beacon community, dedicated to preserving and understanding the region’s history. Its museum, exhibits, and public programs make it a wonderful venue to learn about Beacon’s and the neighboring villages’ histories.