Howland Cultural Center

The Howland Cultural Center, located at 477 Main Street in Beacon, NY 12508, is a non-profit arts and community center. The Howland Cultural Center, founded in 1869, is housed in a beautifully renovated Victorian-era structure with a rich history and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Howland Cultural Center’s mission is to promote the arts, culture, and history of Beacon and the surrounding Hudson Valley region. Throughout the year, the center presents a wide range of events and programs, including art exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, and educational courses. next post

The Howland Cultural Center’s art gallery, which exhibits rotating exhibitions of works by local, national, and worldwide artists, is one of its highlights. The gallery presents both solo and group exhibitions, giving artists a venue to showcase their work and interact with the community.

The Howland Cultural Center, in addition to its art gallery, contains a theater that accommodates live performances and film screenings. The theater has a seating capacity of over 200 people and cutting-edge lighting and sound systems, making it an ideal venue for a variety of acts.

Art classes, writing workshops, and music lessons are among the educational activities and workshops offered by the Howland Cultural Center. These activities are intended to engage and inspire people of the community while also providing opportunities for them to learn new skills and develop their creativity. More Info

The Howland Cultural Center, in addition to its arts and cultural activities, also functions as a community gathering venue and may be rented for events such as weddings, parties, and meetings.

Overall, the Howland Cultural Center is an important part of the Beacon community and a hub for arts, culture, and education. Its stunning Victorian-era structure and diversified programming make it a one-of-a-kind and stimulating location to visit and participate in.