Rockland County Emergency Plumbing for Burst Pipes

February 2, 2021 at 5:00 AM
Rockland County emergency plumbers can help if your home's pipes burst.

As we enter the coldest part of the year here in Rockland County, a significant concern for local homeowners is having your plumbing's pipes freeze and burst. Not only does this require major repairs for your system, but it can also cause severe water damage that only leads to bigger problems. That's why the Rockland County emergency plumbing experts here at MJS Plumbing & Heating Inc are happy to share helpful tips on how to prevent your pipes from freezing and what to do if they do ultimately burst.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Keep the water moving.

Stagnant water in your home's pipes is more prone to freezing than if it's moving through the system, so one easy way you can minimize your risk is to always leave a couple of faucets on when temperatures dip below freezing. You don't need to have them pushing out water at full force, though. A simple trickle is enough to keep the water moving and prevent it from freezing.

Keep your home heated.

Your home's heating system is an excellent tool for fighting the freeze. If you keep the temperature inside the house above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your plumbing's pipes will be warm enough that they won't freeze. So even if you go away for a winter vacation, be sure to keep the heat running. You can make this strategy even more effective by keeping cabinet doors open in the kitchen and bathrooms. This allows the warm air to get inside the cabinets and keep the pipes housed in there even warmer.

Make sure the pipes are insulated.

If you haven't already, you should have your pipes insulated and heated to add further protection for your home. Our Rockland County emergency plumbing experts can wrap your pipes with insulation to lock in heat and keep the cold away. We can also install specialty heating tape. This solution actively warms the lines throughout the winter to prevent them from freezing.

What to Do If Frozen Pipes Do Burst

Immediately shut off your water and electricity.

As soon as you become aware that a pipe has burst, the first thing you should do is shut off the water for your house. You can do this by finding the home's main water valve and tightening it to cut off the supply. This is the best way to minimize the amount of damage. Next, go to your fuse box and shut off the power in the affected room to prevent any electrical damage and avoid receiving a nasty shock.

Call your insurance company.

Before you start cleaning up the mess, take photographs of the damage and then call your insurance company. Many policies cover frozen pipes bursting and leaking into the home, and this type of documentation will be invaluable as you navigate the claims process.

Remove as much of the water as you can.

The longer the water sits on your floor or in your walls, the higher the risk of more severe issues occurring like mold growth and foundation damage. Common household tools such as mops, buckets, towels, wet vacuum cleaners, and dehumidifiers are helpful at removing water. You can also rent a water pump to address more serious flooding.

Have You Experienced a Burst Pipe?

Then the number one thing you can do is contact our Rockland County emergency plumbers. The fully licensed, bonded, and insured team of professional plumbers at MJS Plumbing & Heating Inc understands that when an emergency happens, you don't have time to wait until businesses reopen at 9 am. That's why we offer our emergency services 24/7/365. Give us a call at (914) 602-7106 and we'll send someone your way to repair your burst pipe, or visit us online to learn more about how we can assist.