4 signs you need to repair your water heating unit

November 10, 2020 at 8:00 AM
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It’s crucial to know when your water heater needs repairs, especially now as temperatures continue to drop. Leaving any water heating issues unresolved can mean more costly repairs down the road — or worse, a total replacement of your current water heating system.

Here are four signs to keep an eye out for. Once you see them, you’ll want to call your trusted water heating repair expert to make sure that your unit is working as it should.

1. You don’t have hot water

Don’t get this confused with a delay in receiving hot water. Sometimes, especially in cold weather, it can take some time for your unit to heat up the water to your liking.

However, if you’ve waited for a while and aren’t seeing any changes in water temperature — or if you notice that you run out of hot water too quickly — then your water heater may be to blame.

2. You notice your water heater is leaking or building up rust

Leaks or cracks in the plumbing can cause water to pool up around your water heater. Sometimes these leaks can also cause your unit to rust. You don’t want to see either of these signs.

If you do, you can call a plumber to see if water heater repairs are possible. But if they aren’t, you may need to replace yours with an entirely new unit.

3. Your water heater is old

Water heaters are designed to work at their best for about eight to 10 years. After that, they become less efficient — which may also mean your energy bill may go up too. When this happens, you may find that you need to replace a part or the entirety of your water heating system.

If you know that your water heater is approaching the 10-year mark, it’s best to take a proactive approach with your repair. An experienced plumber will be able to assess your unit and provide you with a few options to choose from.

4. You hear noises coming from your water heater

Brand-new water heaters shouldn’t make any noises at all. But as your unit gets older, you may start to hear it emit slight buzzing or rumbling noises. This is normal as these heaters pick up wear and tear over the years.

However, if this noise gets louder and starts to include popping, cracking, or banging noises, you’ll want to discuss your concerns with your local plumber.

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